– Increase in Heroin Use and the Opioid Epidemic

– Teen Suicide – 13 Reasons Why

– Bullying

– Binge Drinking

– Consent

– Social Media and Internet Addiction

– Coping with Stress

– Vaping: Latest Drug “Delivery System?”

– Marijuana – Impact of Legalization

– Child Safety – Tips for Parents






Effective response needs effective communication, parent to child.
Read our Top 5 Communication Tips, for parents ready to begin the conversation:

  • Be available and accessible. Kids open up at unexpected times. Maybe as you turn out the light to say good night; in the car on the way to soccer practice; or, when you least expect it. Seize the moment if your child starts talking.
  • Stay current. Watch shows he watches; know where she goes on the internet.
  • Ask questions – if you watch a program on binge drinking, ask, “What do you think about that?” or “Have you ever worried about a classmate in this situation?”
  • Stop talking and listen. Don’t interrupt. Don’t just think about your next response. Hear his words. Consider hers.

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