Our History

NYC-Parents in Action was founded in 1980 to serve parents of the New York City independent schools – a group of over 26,000 families. Our facilitated meetings were developed to offer parents a safe forum for exchange of information with fellow grade level parents. Our popular annual Teen Scene panel, established in 1986, offers parents a chance to hear teens speak candidly about the academic, social, safety and substance abuse issues they face growing up in the New York City independent schools.

PIA is dedicated to fostering parental networks and encouraging communication between parents and children at home. We believe this is the most effective way to help our children develop into mature and responsible young adults. Good parenting begins early, and is key to preventing substance abuse in children and teenagers. To that end, we provide parent education through our programs, a parent network through our facilitated meetings and information via our website, helping parents prepare their kids to cope with social pressures and to make healthy choices on the road to young adulthood.

Our programs promote:

  • Awareness of commercial and social pressures that encourage the use of alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Knowledge of the consequences- social, psychological and physical – to the teen user of alcohol and drugs.
  • Awareness of the effects of stress on our children.

Our signature events and our facilitated meetings, seminars and information resources all expand ways in which our parents can remain involved, informed and connected.

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