Board of Directors

NYC-PIA Board of Directors 2018-2019

Melanie Wells, Chairman
Lucy Martin Gianino, Co-President
Ann-Marie Myers, Co-President
Alexandra Ourusoff, Treasurer
Lynn Manger, Chairman Emeritus, Ex Officio

Jennifer Anderson
Inge Brafman
Merle Brenner
Cynthia Chapman
Beth Davis
Megan del Valle
Martina De Giorgis
Marcia Dunn
Laurie Freeman
Lori Gaon
Jody Gorton
Lubna Jafri
Marjorie Kahn
Stephanie Landau
Valerie Levy
Eby McKay
Abby Rothschild
Maneesha Sharma
Gerilyn Smith
Kristine Sui
Heidi Wald
Katherine Weber


NYC-PIA Advisory Board  2018-2019

The Advisory Board is made up of professionals, either from the school community, medical profession or other areas of expertise, who have experience in the issues important to New York parents. NYC- PIA draws upon the expertise of the Advisory Board to help plan programs, identify or serve as speakers and to provide information for our electronic publications.

Ms. Ruth Cox
Mr. George Davison
   Grace Church School Head of School

Mr. William DeHaven,
   Winston Prep Head of School

Ernesto Ferran, Jr., M.D.
Ms. Jane Foley Fried,
   The Brearley School Head of School

Ms. Jeanette Friedman, M.S., L.C.S.W.
Ms. Sherry Grand
Edward (Ned) Hallowell. M.D.
Ms. Mary Beth Harvey
Mrs. Fran Laserson
George Lazarus, M.D.
K. Ron-Li Liaw, M.D.
Ralph Lopez, M.D.
Mr. Chauncey Parker, Exec. Asst. DA
Ms. Julie Ross
Ms. Charlotte Weber
Mr. Sophocles Zoullas