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Our Newsletter was published originally in hard copy, and later online. Our Newsletter Archive is available, with a wealth of parenting advice published from 2005 – Winter 2014. The archive covers topics presented in our seminars, on child and adolescent development, health, and the effects of alcohol and drugs on children and adolescents.


Norah O’Donnell Speaks on the Century for Women, Winter 2014



Mother’s Day Benefit Lunch: Ali Wentworth

Are You Suffering from HDD? (Humor Deficient Disorder), Fall 2013

Parents 911: Crime Prevention for Your Children,  President’s Letter,  Teen Scene 2013: When Does the Fun Start?,  Spring 2013



9 Tips Parents Can Give High School Students To Help Them Master the SATs

Helping Teens Say S.O.S.: Tips for Handling Alcohol Poisoning, Winter 2012

I Am the Boss of You, Fall 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On: Advice for Pressured Families, Winter 2012

President ’s Letter – Building Trust, Winter 2012

Stress Takes a Holiday: Effective Coping in Challenging Times, Winter 2012

Presidents’ Letter – The Parent Child Dynamic: You Can Count On Change, Fall 2012

Raising Children Who Love Their Lives, Fall 2012



Teen Scene, 2011, Spring 2011

Medication and ADHD:  What Parents of Adolescents Should Know, Fall 2011

Teen Hook-up Culture: From Alphacyberpals to Zubas*, Winter 2011



Teen Scene – February 8, 2010, Spring 2010

Seaman Speaks on Campus Life, Binging and Excess, Fall 2010

30th Anniversary Benefit Luncheon Anna Quindlen: Insights on Parenting, Winter 2010



Teen Scene XXIII — Spring 2009

Not That Question! What to Say When Your Adolescent Asks About Your Past Alcohol/Drug Use — Spring 2009

Learning Differences: Evaluating, Managing and Collaborating to Keep Your Children on Track, Fall 2009

Effective Parenting is Substance Abuse Prevention, Winter 2009



Teen Scene XXII: Listening to Teens, Spring 2008

How To Be a “Go-To” Parent, Fall 2008

Life Skills 0 : Mastering Transitions in Middle and Upper School, Winter 2008



Teen Scene XXI: Learning from the Experts, Spring 2007

Guide for School Representatives, September 2007

Dr. Mel Levine: Connecting Learning with Behaviors, Feelings, and Aspirations, Fall 2007

Street Smart: What Children Need to Know about Personal Safety and Asserting Themselves, Winter 2007



Teen Scene XX. . .A Real-Life Panel, Spring 2006

Alcohol Poisoning, Fall 2006

Young Minds Racing Against Time, Fall 2006

School Rep Guide, September 2006

Brave New World : Medication and the Culture of Drugs Today, Winter 2006



Switch Hitting: Dr. Mel Levine Explores How We Learn, Spring 2005

School Rep Guide, September 2005

Talk the Talk, Then Walk the Walk, Fall 2005

The Price of Perfection: Are We Losing the Real Child in the Race for Success? Winter 2005



Teen Scene XVIII, Spring 2004

An Inner Life: Your Child’s Spirituality, Fall 2004

Detecting Differences, Winter 2004



A Dialogue on Diversity: Workshop with Professor Pamela Palanque North, Spring 2003

NYC-Parents in Action: Twenty-five Years, Fall 2003

Your Child’s Emotional Life: Nurturing Wellbeing in a Complex World, Fall 2003

Dr. Mel Levine on Preparing Kids for Adult Life, Winter 2003



Talking About Bullying, Spring 2002

The Never-Ending Struggle to Perform for Peers, Winter 2002



Girls: Practical Thinking About Real-Life Issues, Spring 2001

Social Identity: Where Do I Fit In?, Fall 2001

Boys: Practical Thinking About Real-Life Issues, Winter 2001

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