NYC-PIA 2024 Annual Benefit (April 18, 8:15-9:45 am)

The Ballroom on 74th 337 East 74th Street, New York, NY, United States

SO awkward? It doesn't have to be! Moderated by Stephanie Ruhle, host of MSNBC's 11th Hour, join us in a lively, intimate conversation with leading puberty experts and bestselling authors Dr. Cara Natterson and Vanessa Kroll Bennett about talking to the kids in your life about puberty because we have to talk about all of it if we want to raise healthy, safe kids.

Webinar: How to Talk to Kids about Anything (May 1, 12 – 1 pm)


Dr. Robyn Silverman believes that young people are assets to be developed, not deficits to be managed. With that ideology in mind, she spends much of her time speaking, writing and podcasting about the best ways that parents, educators and mentors can help children and teens thrive. Battling bullying? Dealing with divorce? Need to have a conversation about responsibility, respect, focus or confidence? Dr. Robyn will take you from the beginning to end so that you feel ready, and your children feel understood.

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