COVID-19 Parenting Tips

Presented in a bright, appealing format, Wide Open School is a treasure trove of advice, tips and ideas. For parents helping their children navigate an upside down world – school at home, playtime without  playmates, virtual grandparent visits– this guide features a user-friendly graphics scheme to help parents navigate a broad set of offerings. Parents will find sample schedules, videos, lessons and articles, all organized by age range (Pre-school – Grade 5; Grade 6-12).

This comprehensive guide from The Child Mind Institute covers a range of issues in the COVID-19 era: tips on supporting kids, teens and young adults; self-care for parents; links for remote evaluations and telemedicine; advice on managing anxiety and using mindfulness as a tool; and coping with behavioral issues that emerge in a fraught time. Think of this as a brief COVID-19 parenting encyclopedia.  


In an empathetic and positive voice, Dr. Ned Hallowell (esteemed PIA Advisory Board member) offers advice to help bring order and strategy to bear on the confusing issues parents face.


A Stanford education scholar offers some perspective on remote education, and how parents can support children and bolster their success as they learn at home.


This NYU Langone website page offers concrete ways to support your child during the unprecedented experience of lengthy school closure. Accessible advice is offered by Richard Gallagher, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU Langone. “Unlike summer vacation, this break is sudden and unplanned, and the time away from school has not been specified,” says Dr. Gallagher. “This can be difficult for children to understand. In general, people don’t do well when they are unsure about the future, even in an area as simple as the schedule.” Dr. Gallagher and his colleagues offer ways parents can help their kids weather the situation.


Parent tips and basic medical facts from the CDC.


Common Sense Media offers advice, and links to its app, website and video resources.

Hallways (of the Freedom Institute) has posted this Psychology Today article on helping parents identify their children’s anxiety and manage stress during school closing.

This is a very straight-forward, easy to follow list of how-to bullets organized by age group – Early Childhood and Pre-School, Elementary, Middle and High School, with tips on how to communicate effectively to meet your child’s needs during particularly anxious times.

There can never be too many strategies for talking to your children about difficult subjects. Dr. Shannon Bennett of the New York-Presbyterian Youth Anxiety Center offers her perspective, advocating honesty, frequent conversations and sensitivity to your child’s concerns.
Challenge Success advises parents that children whose schooling has moved to home need three vital things each day: Playtime, Downtime and Family time (“PDF”). This site offers downloadable, printable information with “PDF” tips for teens, elementary and pre-school children.

Greater Good Magazine is a site that delivers insights and tips for the parent frazzled by having their children’s education take place at home rather than at school. Written by a school psychologist, the article addresses home-schooling stress, and a way to frame it in a more positive light.


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