The Lynn Manger Initiative

On May 12, 2021, upon the occasion of the retirement of our founder, Lynn Manger, NYC-Parents In Action, Inc. introduced The Lynn Manger Initiative. The Initiative is a fund created to honor Lynn Manger, Parents in Action Founder, past President, Chair and Chair Emeritus, and her 43 years of service to NYC-PIA.

Our hope is that the launch of this fund will be the first step toward a strong future in which we can continue the work that Lynn began over 40 years ago.

The Lynn Manger Initiative will support NYC-Parents in Action’s mission to keep parents involved, informed and connected for the next 40 years, and, we hope, beyond. Wherever there are parents eager to connect, and parents hungry for good information, NYC-PIA will be there, to educate and facilitate.  The Lynn Manger Initiative will enable us to honor that pledge.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their support in the founding and launch of The Lynn Manger Initiative:


Jennifer Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Atkin

Pamela Awad

Veronica Bennett

Inge and Lester Brafman

Josseline Charas

Michaela Leopold-Clary

Sabina Daley Deaton

Margaret Davidson

Megan del Valle

Marcia Dunn

Susan Fisher

Kathy Flintoft

Linda Fraser

Nicky and Jamie Grant

Trish Grant

Kathleen Harper

Eliana Jacobs

Linda Kelly

Vivienne LaBorde-Luyombya

Frances G. Laserson

Maggie Lear

Amy Lloyd

Beth Maher

Lucy Martin Gianino

Suzanne Mason

Eby McKay

Ann-Marie Myers

Brinton Parson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Rault

Laurie Ravetz

Maneesha Sharma

Carla Van de Walle

Gwendolen L. Wade

Joann Walker

Nancy and Alex Ward

Katherine Weber

Melanie Wells

Jennifer and Michael Green

Jessie Wixon

NYC-PIA 40th Anniversary Promo, a short film, was made for the celebration of our 40th Anniversary and debuted at this retirement event. It distills the essence of Lynn Manger’s vision for NYC-PIA  and celebrates the priceless gift of her years of dedication to this organization.

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