Parenting Advice

Not since 9-11 have NYC parents had to grapple with addressing children’s fears about war, but an unprovoked attack on a peaceful European ally has brought the issue back in focus. Current common-sense advice on how best to approach discussion in age-appropriate ways can be found in articles from The Washington Post Parenting section and the New York Times Well section

Good article from Child Mind, well-regarded organization with up to date materials on promoting emotional wellness. – The Editor

Full range of adolescent psychiatric services resource, from the NYU Child Study Center. – The Editor

Author and parenting speaker Nancy Samalin, M.S., on resources and tips she has written about for parents. Contains a useful list of Tips and Resources from the author. –The Editor

Julie Ross Parenting Horizons              

Julie A. Ross, M.S., a member of NYC-PIA’s Advisory Board, has written well-received books on the practical business of parenting. Her website includes links to parenting articles and blogs. – The Editor

Challenge Success                                    

This organization addresses concerns about societal definitions of success, academic pressures, and finding a path to a more balanced and cademically fulfilling life for kids navigating a challenging world. – The Editor


Parenting advice on helping kids handle the challenges of separation and divorce. – The Editor                                   

Advice for parents with an emphasis on common sense child-rearing and using play as a valuable way to teach. The site offers science-based articles and personal blog posts, in support of free play as a way to nurture autonomy, resilience, self-reliance and confidence. –The Editor

Free Range Kids                                        

A voice from the daring side of the debate about overprotected kids and helicopter parenting. The site offers blogs, editorials and videos exploring the benefits of “free-range parenting.” – The Editor

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