Alcoholism Information & Drug Intervention

The New York Center for Living organization offers comprehensive coordinated recovery programs for teens, young adults and families , providing education and therapeutic services to treat both substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. – The Editor

Freedom Institute is a licensed, medically supervised outpatient addiction treatment services and recovery center in midtown Manhattan, offering comprehensive care to teens and families struggling with substance use disorders. The Freedom Institute also offers the Hallways program, which works with NYC independent schools. –The Editor

Hallways, an outreach program of the Freedom Institute based in Manhattan, offers a comprehensive approach to substance abuse prevention and social-emotional wellness, designed to address unique challenges in the New York City independent school community, using an “evidence-based Strategic Prevention framework.” – The Editor

FCD is a global non-profit dedicated to preventing substance abuse through education. Their website provides links to school programs, as well as articles useful for parent education on topics from the teen brain, to the role of parents in preventing dependency. –The Editor

The NIAAA Alcoholism maintains an up to date resource list with articles on drinking, alcoholism and treatments, and notification of events aimed at educating the public on drug and alcohol facts. –The Editor

Under the National Institutes of Health umbrella, the NIDA site offers up to date information on current science of addiction, from screening and assessment, to the opioid crisis, to general addiction research. –The Editor

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids offers resources for those seeking treatment as well as a list of frequently asked questions from parents about warning signs of drug abuse. –The Editor

The Rehab Center offers an easy to read digest of drug facts for parents, detailing what kids are taking, and giving a quick but thorough explanation of those substances, ranging from Rx abuse (cough medicines, OxyContin) to street drug abuse (hallucinogens, ecstasy or cocaine). The site also offers facts on binge drinking and substance abuse risk factors (e.g., genetics). –The Editor

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