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QuaranTEEN Scene 2020

Please do yourselves a favor. Find a quiet nook and play this video. Let these teen panelists bring you a gift of hope.

Since 1986, NYC-Parents in Action’s signature event, Teen Scene, has offered parents a candid,  inside glimpse of life as a NYC independent high school student. We contacted a few previous panelists (some are now in college) to ask what’s changed for them under social distancing rules, in an altered world that has us all off balance.

Despite lives of cramped restraint, they make room to reflect and share their self-discoveries. You will hear what they miss most, and what they still are able to reach for, to derive comfort. 

Even when so much seems lost, these quiet intimate voices remind us of what we still have: teens who value just what we do – family, love, laughter, friends. Watch. You won’t regret it.



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From the Editor

Swapping a Big Circle for Little Squares: NYC-Parents in Action Takes a Virtual Leap with Zoom Parent Talks- May 2020

When the world changes suddenly and explosively, people yearn for the familiar. Our facilitated Parent Talks, a staple for decades, are still here. you can still have one. The substance hasn’t changed, only the format.

Parent Talks, traditionally held in a circle face to face, are now meeting in virtual time, faces still visible but smiling out from Zoom galleries. NYC-PIA has stepped up its promise to parents: we will help you stay connected.

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In Case You Missed it

Past Event

Teen Scene Panelists Share Hopes, Fears – and Advice for Parents

“No one wants to be met with anger when struggling.” This wise observation from one of the panelists at NYC-Parents in Action’s 34th annual Teen Scene underscores the importance of understanding your child. The panel of 16 NYC independent high school students, 9th thru 12th grade spoke candidly to a sold-out parent audience on February 10, 2020.

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Past Event

NYC- Parents in Action Appreciation Luncheon 2019: Elizabeth Allen, Ph.D., Explains “Mindful Parenting”

“Being a parent is really hard!” exclaimed Dr. Elizabeth Allen, eliciting vigorous nods of recognition and a few rueful chuckles from the audience at the NYC-PIA Appreciation Luncheon on December 5, 2019.

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Past Event

Enlightening Parents on the Power of Emotional Intelligence – Fall Seminar 2019

“So, how’s everybody feeling?” asked Marc Brackett, Ph.D., Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of Permission to Feel, greeting an eager audience at Trevor Day High School on November 19.

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Ask The Expert: Rebecca Alexander (COVID-19 Resource)

It’s so easy to fall down the 24/7 coronavirus news rabbit hole. We get sucked into constantly checking our phones and keeping an incessant background buzz of TV news in our quarantine domiciles. While we need to stay informed, connected and involved, this hunkering down phase is currently indefinite, so it is also important to periodically disengage from the news and just be present for yourself and your family. For the latest Q&A Corner: “Ask The Expert,” Rebecca Alexander, LCSW-R, a therapist who specializes in families and adolescents in NYC, offered tips and strategies for parents on maintaining our sanity and supporting our kids during this “groundhog day” experience.

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Ask The Expert: Dr. Rona Shalev, Psy.D. (COVID-19 Resource)

Who could have imagined we’d be quarantined and hunkering down with our families at the start of springtime in NYC? Instead of our kids playing baseball and hanging upside down on monkey bars, we parents are doing our best to cope in this alternate reality. In times like these, we have a profound need to stay informed and involved by connecting with each other, as well as with experts in our community. For the latest Q&A Corner: “Ask The Expert” Dr. Rona Shalev, Psy.D., The Chapin School’s Head of Counseling Service, provides some useful advice and strategies for parents.

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