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How Do You Talk With Your Child About War?

Not since 9-11 have NYC parents had to grapple with addressing children’s fears about war, but an unprovoked attack on a peaceful European ally has brought the issue back in focus.

Your children will see and hear details even if you don’t bring it up. And if you do, what should you say? How do you handle scary news forthrightly, reassuringly, appropriately?

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Dear Friends and Fellow Parents,

Parenting is not for the faint of heart! All of us have a different journey, and these last two years of uncertainty and upheaval have shown us the value of community even as we navigate our paths. Parenting TOGETHER makes it easier.
One of the silver linings of the COVID pandemic for me was that it brought me closer to the NYC-Parents in Action community. As a non-profit organization, we are entering our 42nd year. I have grown so much as a parent and a leader working with this terrifically smart and dedicated group of parent volunteers. 

As we all embark on the 2022-2023 school year, I invite you to JOIN US! 

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In Case You Missed it

Past Event

“Managing Anxiety,” A Conversation with Dr. Joanna Stern and Dr. Laurie Freeman (April 2022)

On April 13, NYC-Parents in Action’s Spring Lunchtime Webinar presented a sensitive, substantive conversation between two experts, Dr. Joanna Stern, Senior Director of the Mood Disorder Center at the Child Mind Institute, and Dr. Laurie Freeman, psychologist in private practice, NYC-PIA Facilitation Chair and NYC-PIA Board member.

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Past Event

Fathers Forum (March 2022)

How does Dad up his game? According to the sincere, dedicated and compassionate dads who probed this question at NYC-Parents in Action’s 2022 Fathers Forum, it starts with cultivating the best we can be: using honestly, empathy and mutual respect in our relationships with partners and children. In this year’s Fathers Forum, NYC-PIA upped their game too, opening the event to all caregivers. The conversation soared.

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Past Event

Teen Scene (February 2022)

What’s on the mind of America’s youth? For 40 years NYC-Parents in Action has asked this question at the annual Teen Scene panel. This year on the evening of the first Monday in February, a panel of sixteen teens, 14 to 18 years old, spoke virtually with NYC-PIA president and panel moderator Lucy Martin Gianino about life in the time of COVID.

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Ask the Expert: Michaeleen Doucleff

Why doesn’t my child pitch in and help around the house? Is it so much to ask him to just load the dishwasher? Why doesn’t she cooperate? Why does he lack confidence? Today’s parents are often plagued with questions like this, and we all know parenting can be a struggle. For our latest “Q&A: Ask The Expert,” we spoke with NPR reporter Michaeleen Doucleff, author of current parenting bestseller Hunt, Gather, Parent. Doucleff grappled with these same questions and tackled them in a creative and unorthodox fashion—by traveling thousands of miles to learn how parents in non-Western societies successfully raise children who appear more confident and helpful than Western children.

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Ask the Expert: Lucy Martin-Gianino

Talk about leaving a legacy! Lucy Martin-Gianino has moderated NYC-Parents in Action’s Teen Scene since its inception in 1986. As the Teen Scene moderator, Lucy oversees a teen panel offering parents a chance to hear high schoolers speak candidly about the academic, social, substance abuse and mental health issues they face growing up in the New York City independent schools. Lucy, an actress and trained facilitator, joined NYC-Parents in Action four decades ago with a desire to support PIA’s commitment to serve parents of the New York City independent schools. After 35 years, there’s not much Lucy hasn’t heard! To celebrate 35 YEARS of Teen Scene, we chatted with Lucy, fondly dubbed a “Lifer for Parents in Action.”

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