Sexual Consent

Teaching Good Sex

Provocative New York Times Magazine article on how sexual education classes in schools struggle to keep up – or not – with cultural norms undergoing rapid change, accelerated by internet sexual content. – The Editor

A Letter to My Son – Consent

A heartfelt and personal missive from a mother to her son on the difficult issue of sexual consent, with variations on the theme of “not saying no does not mean saying yes.” – The Editor

Teaching Kids about Consent

Simple age appropriate tips for teaching kids, over the years, about consent and how to set healthy personal boundaries. – The Editor

Talking to Your Kids about Sexual Assault

Frank advice on how to raise uncomfortable issues with kids and how to help children develop an awareness of their own bodily safety, with tips on taking sexual assault conversations into the teen years. – The Editor

Top Ten Plays for Teaching Kids and Teens that Violence Never Equals Strength

Helpful tips on starting difficult conversations about sexual consent, and ways to probe the warning signs of abusive relationships. – The Editor

10 Ways Young Men Can Prevent Sexual Violence

A tutorial providing points for parents to raise with their boys, in order to help them distinguish between healthy relationships and sexual predation. – The Editor

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