From the President’s Letter – Spring 2015

Graduation season is upon us! We congratulate everyone who has a child moving schools or divisions or even matriculating to the next grade. It is a time of collective exultation and exhalation. Staying focused and energized throughout the school year can be hard work for the whole family.

Sometimes it feels as if we’re parenting kids who have full-time jobs. Sometimes it feels like the whole job of parenting has undergone a seismic shift from guiding and supporting to coaching and training. Recreational sports have given way to travel teams; interests are fine, but passions are better. We demand that our children are challenged, and we want our children to want this for themselves. Wow, we need a break!

At NYC-Parents in Action, our primary mission is to encourage communication, parent-to-parent and parent-to-child. Through this, we hope to create community and to strengthen family ties. Living in this day and age is not easy, but it’s easier when people feel connected to one another whether at home, at work or at school. This year, PIA has hosted seminars, luncheons, and two signature events: Teen Scene and Fathers Only, in an effort to inform parents about topics as diverse as coping with substance abuse and making beneficial food choices, and to support them with ideas about how to be a calm, consistent ally and how to encourage effective, empathetic  communication with social ease. With tools like these, we hope our children will grow into healthy, clear-thinking young adults, capable of making sound choices.

So as summer approaches, we wish everyone a restorative time of togetherness, with a pace and a timetable that allows for happy hours and fond memories, with nothing judged or graded or evaluated – simply the pleasure of making our own plans and enjoying each other’s company.

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