Letter from the Co-Presidents – August 2018

Dear Parents in Action Community,

Welcome back everyone! Fall greets us with open arms as students return to school with new shoes, new back packs and new dreams. It’s the season when we begin to prioritize the year ahead and remember the commitments left drifting in the clouds as summer approached.

We, at NYC-Parents in Action, are committed to all of you throughout the year. Here’s what’s already on our docket.

  • So far, 125 Parent Talks have been scheduled by us for our Independent School families and that will increase dramatically once school begins.
  • Our Fall Seminar Oct. 2nd at the Trevor Day School will deal with the difficult situation of SUICIDE and it’s effect on our community.
  • Our Fall Benefit Luncheon-Nov 7th at The University Club, will feature a conversation with Lee Woodruff on RESILIENCE: How to face adversities and yet thrive.

This is just the beginning! Of course, we will be presenting our ever-popular TEEN SCENE and FATHERS FORUM during our Winter/Spring Season.

Please know that we always want to hear from you regarding topics or issues you would like us to address for our

constituency. We are working in partnership with you and want to provide the best services possible. We are an extended family and, indeed, it takes a Village. Here’s to the year ahead!

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you,
Lucy Martin Gianino & Ann-Marie Myers
Co-Presidents- NYC-Parents in Action

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