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practice3There’s no rulebook—no practical parenting guide to turn to when I find myself at a loss for easy answers. While I recognize I’ll never be a perfect parent, I can and do try. (And then I try and try again.) For me the tricky part is that the stuff that’s black and white to some is grey to others. There are no hard and fast rules for technology use, bedtimes, nutrition, sleep issues and social media, to name a few. So when I’m making parenting decisions I gather information and consider what feels right—for my family and for me. It’s inevitable that I make mistakes-that’s the one constant about being a parent.

Be Involved. Be Informed. Be Connected is Parents in Action’s tagline. As a parent of children in the independent school system in NYC, I strive to learn the best parenting practices, ones that will enable me to be the best parent possible.

Everyday as I practice being a mom, I wonder if others feel the same way—that as parents we’re all just practicing, just doing the best we can. It helps to have a support system and mine includes my husband, my friends, my family and our community. That‘s how I practice parenting—by being involved, informed and connected.

Please join me on my journey to being the best parent I can be. We can all practice together, you, me and PIA. I think we’ll make an unbeatable team. And as we teach our children – practice makes perfect!

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