Please do yourselves a favor. Find a quiet nook and play this video. Let these teen panelists bring you a gift of hope.

Since 1986, NYC-Parents in Action’s signature event, Teen Scene, has offered parents a candid,  inside glimpse of life as a NYC independent high school student. We contacted a few previous panelists (some are now in college) to ask what’s changed for them under social distancing rules, in an altered world that has us all off balance.

Despite lives of cramped restraint, they make room to reflect and share their self-discoveries. You will hear what they miss most, and what they still are able to reach for, to derive comfort. 

Even when so much seems lost, these quiet intimate voices remind us of what we still have: teens who value just what we do – family, love, laughter, friends. Watch. You won’t regret it. 
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