A Practicing Parent

26 Feb 2018
A Practicing Parent


IT’S NOT OK to have to confirm with my 13-year-old that she understands the protocol of active shooting situations in her school, and that the safest place to go is a closet. 

IT’S NOT OK that I have to wonder whether my preschooler is being properly trained as to what he should do in case of a lockdown.

That’s the world we live in, but IT’S NOT OK. I can sometimes be wishy-washy on issues, not taking a firm stand to one side or the other because I can understand the position of both sides. But not this issue. This issue of gun violence in schools is enormous, too big for the luxury of pondering one side and then the other, while children are at risk of lethal harm.

IT’S NOT OK that authorities are unable to intervene with the deranged and mentally ill even after tips and information are spoon-fed to the same agencies in place to protect us. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

IT’S NOT OK that people can obtain guns with no training, and no background checks, and even may, if Congress comes up with the votes, be able to legally cross state lines with concealed weapons.

IT’S JUST NOT OK that we can’t feel our kids are safe at school.

For once, I do believe that social media IS OK, and is actually facilitating a good cause. I applaud the #Enough and #NeverAgain movements, and I admire the students and teachers who started them. These survivors are taking their stand with courage, and are being smart about how they communicate — and they are being heard. It’s grassroots at its best.

As a parent, this issue cuts straight to my core purpose—to keep my children safe. On March 24th, I’ll be too busy marching to be wishy-washy. #MarchForOurLives



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