22 Dec 2014

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  • Full coverage – Seminar with Partnership for Drug Free Kids – “What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?” – by Pamela Awad, PIA Media Coordinator/ website editor;
  • Full coverage – Interactive workshop/presentation by Andrea Spiritos – “Parenting With an Open Heart” – by Meg Sheridan, PIA event reporter;
  • Full coverage – Fall 2014 Benefit – “Robin Berman, MD, Wows Audience with Wit and Wisdom” – by Melanie Wells, PIA Chairman /website editor.

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New and noteworthy on the Alcohol and Drug Info page (Articles):

  • The Problem With Rich Kids, by Suniya S. Luthar, Ph.D. A disturbing article on the rise of substance abuse among affluent teens (Psychology Today, reprinted with permission, notes that Dr. Luthar was “shocked to find that . . . young people from communities dominated by white-collar, well-educated parents. . . . [with] annual income, at $150,000 and more . . . show serious levels of maladjustment as teens.” Dr. Luthar also found “the affluent teens . . . fare significantly more poorly than their counterparts of low socioeconomic status on all indicators of substance use, including hard drugs. . . . And other researchers have since corroborated . . . binge-drinking and marijuana use among offspring of well-educated, white, high-income, two-parent families. “
  • MADD/Nationwide Survey Shows Importance of Clear No Alcohol Message to Teens – WASHINGTON, D.C. – New data from a national survey of high school students shows that teens who receive a message from their parents that underage drinking is completely unacceptable are more than 80 percent less likely to drink than teens who receive other messages.

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Also under “Talking About” – don’t miss the list of Top 5 Communication Tips for encouraging communication with your children. Effective communication is the bedrock on which we build trust and understanding between parent and child, and is the best way we know to stay “Involved, Informed and Connected.”

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Melanie Wells
PIA Chairman and Website Editor