COVID-19 Parenting Resources

Our parent community is worried. We at NYC-Parents in Action know that, and we share your concerns. In this time, we remain committed to our mission to provide information and connection, no matter the distance.

The  NYC-PIA formula we rely upon – good information, parental involvement, and a network of communication – is still available digitally. Though we may not be able to meet in person for a Seminar, we can offer you carefully chosen website resources.

(Click HERE to read the full letter from our Editor, Melanie Wells.)


Take a look at our LIBRARY’s new COVID-19 Parenting Resource Page with parenting tips tailored to the times. As the weeks go by, we will continue to vet resources from trusted experts in the fields of parenting and health, and post them for you on this new page.



We will be regularly adding new and relevant interviews to our Q&A Corner: Ask The Expert.

For a very readable, warm and accessible conversation on handling your children’s anxiety at home, Dr. Rona Shalev Psy.D, The Chapin School’s Head of Counseling provides some useful advice and strategies.

We also have an interview with Rebecca Alexander, LCSW-R, a therapist who specializes in families and adolescents in NYC, who offers tips on how families can disengage from screens and maintain sanity through this time.


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