Using Social Media as a College Application Tool

Using Social Media as a College Application Tool   by Liz Repking, Founder of Cyber Safety Consulting ( If you have sent a child off to high school, you understand that bittersweet feeling of being proud of this child nearing young adult independence, while realizing that same child will be flying the nest in four incredibly short years. And boy, do those four years go quickly! There are so many things that we as parents are warning our kids about throughout...
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Spotlight on Facilitators: KATHERINE WEBER

Ask Katherine Weber about facilitating, and it’ll be clear her enthusiasm is as strong now, after five years, as it was when she was first drawn to the work. She happily notes that the rewards of facilitation are “many,” including the chance to “pick up new ideas and strategies” she can use in her own parenting. Katherine recalled her first contact with PIA, attending grade meetings when her children were in Kindergarten: “It was a great way to meet other...
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Sexual Consent: Tips to Avoid Criminal Problems, from Ilann Maazel

Sexual Consent: Tips to Avoid Criminal Problems from Ilann Maazel For those who missed our dynamic and informative Fall Seminar panel, “Teens and Sex: Understanding Healthy Decision Making,” please read the full recap of the event by PIA Board member, blogger and reporter Lori Gaon (in our PIA News and Views section). For further edification on legal aspects of the topic of Consent, the following points outlining what constitutes criminal behavior has been provided by one of our panelists, Ilann Maazel...
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Spotlight on Facilitators: CHRIS THEODOROS

Chris Theodoros – experienced facilitator, PIA board member, Fathers Forum planner, and involved dad to a 7th grader and a 10th grader, has been facilitating for almost seven years, yet it is clear from his enthusiasm that time has dulled neither the value nor the appeal of the work. Asked how he had first encountered PIA, Chris said his initial contact was through a facilitated grade meeting of his first child’s Kindergarten class, 11 years ago. Chris emphasized that what...
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